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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A review of two alarm clocks - One For Deep thresholds and the second for the hearing impaired

Sonic Alert is one of those unique companies need to set up and continue to share per must be run that instead of profit. The grandmother of the founder, was hearing impaired. The company's first product was a multi-purposed grandmother warning system developed from a system developed for. After 30 years, they continue to develop products that relate to the deaf and hard to wake.

Today we will review two of its newer productsthat to follow in the footsteps of her first.

Sonic Bomb (TM) Super Shaker (TM) - SBB500ss - The first view says that this is a standard digital alarm clock. It is round, has black and a red digital display. That's where it ends. When you get into the technology of this Clock alarm, is this thing is his sleeper to awaken the deepest designed. He has three guards punch including:

A 113-extra decibels louder alarm with adjustable tone& Volume control. Just for reference, the siren of an ambulance at about 120 decibels.
A 12-volt unit, the Shaker Clock attaches to the alarm and vibrates the bed as another form of alarm.
The final blow, when necessary, contains a built-in alarm red flashing lights.
Other than the guarantee Wake-up, there are some other features that are nice. It has a hi / low dimmer for the digital readout so that you can to lighten the mood of the clock, so you can sleep. An optional transformer, the Clock to 220 volt operation for international use are transmitted. It also has dual-time (12 or 24 hours) for the Military. Finally, it comes with the standard warranty of one year.

For the price of $ 40 to $ 50, this is a great, reliable alarm clock. The deep sleepers who get up in the morning (or anytime for that matter) not to proceed with this purchase have been wrong.

Alarm clock with Super Shaker (TM) - SB1000ss - This> Alarm System is to wake up more focused than on the hard for the hearing impaired. It looks like a white and green phone with an antenna. In addition to being a fully-compatible combination Clock, it has added the ability to connect with other household switches and a nearby lamp. The hearing impaired need to have multiple recipients in the bedroom, with this device away. It integrates with other household switches for the hearing impaired, to signal when the babyScreaming is ringing the door bell or the phone rings. It is also equipped with all the alarm functions described above for the Sonic Bomb. Sonic Alert makes the other radio operators that can be integrated with this system that can be purchased as an option. This system also comes with a full warranty for one year.

For the price of $ 70 to $ 80 without added signaler options included, this is a bargain for the hearing impaired. We have reviewed other hearing impaired alarmSystems, recently started at $ 250 without options. The bottom line is that this system value is inexpensive and loaded with features.

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