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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alarm System: Wireless Remotes

Wireless alarm system REMOTES

These remotes are also known as the "key" or "4 button key. They are wonderful to have in addition to your keyboard as possible, turn off your alarm on or without the keyboard. You still need a keyboard with a system to perform most operations as you can see what zone is open to an injured or alarm. The typical programming for a 4-button key fob would like this.

1 SystemArmed. (On)

2 fuzzy system (Off)

3 System Armed-Stay (bypass motion detectors)

4 Police Panic (siren sound)

Your keys on your key ring can be programmed to do other functions. For example, a grandmother, calls for medical help when you press its button.

These key chains and pendants are wonderful for many reasons. They are all connected his alarm before, if you are within the range specified by your system (anywhere from 250 to1000 feet) on the quality of the transmitter and receiver based. When you get out of your car in your driveway and approached, you can call for help and your tone siren with a push of a button. An employee leaving the workplace can help, call the parking lot.

You can also use your key in the night to turn the alarm and keep your keys on your night-stand so that you can key a Panic at the ready if needed. Your keychain, you can also your main floor motion armDetector in the night. If you need to go into the protected area for a late-night glass of milk or something, just press a button to disarm and arm after your return. (Make sure that there was no other occupant, that the House will strip before using this feature)

If you / or children to take food and, you can turn off alarm without the keyboard. If your garage has a motion detector alarm, you can disable it in your before opening the garage door.

IfThey have a hard wired system you need a wireless receiver to a mobile device such as a remote key to add to your system. Once you take a receiver and processes signals from multiple devices have that gives you the flexibility to add equipment later without the cost of additional recipients.

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