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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pool Safety Devices - How to prevent a tragedy and children in the secure holding Year Round

Throughout the year, people in all parts of the country on a recurring tragedy that could have been avoided: listening to the drowning of a child in a swimming pool. In the warmer parts of the country where swimming pools are almost a necessity as it appears on the agenda on the news that another child has drowned in a pool to be heard.

Drowning occurs quickly in the rule and is rarely heard from anyone. Drowning done in seconds and usually take place when the child is left behindunattended or during a short course in supervision. In about two minutes the child will lose consciousness, and occur after four to six minutes irreversible brain damage. Almost all requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) either die or left with severe brain injury.

In many cases, the drowning occurs in the pool of the neighbor, who did not even have kids. They are usually under the false impression that because they have no children, they need not to holdtheir pool "childproof". But as a pool owner, it is your moral and legal in some states, obligation to take the necessary precautions to ensure that children who know no better kept safe from drowning in your swimming pool.

Common safety instructions are not always effective

Many homeowners believe that simply because a lock on their backyard gate and a fence around their pool enough security measure. That is not true. While to oppose it, 50%or more of drowning deaths or injuries, a broken lock or a child who can climb a fence to make it easy to know that as a precautionary measure essentially useless.

In addition, some owners have begun discussing safety nets or safety pool covers. While these do not provide yet another barrier to protect against drowning of a child, there are some disadvantages to them. For example, if the pool owner forgets the lid, imported or decides: "I can stop this one time" is, the pool leftexposed. Too many children look like, nets and covers will be asked to commit. If they are not properly secured or break, they can weigh the child, to save what is difficult and in some cases to a child who knows nothing else, how to swim, to drown.

Swimming pool alarms offer an additional level of security

Homeowners who really want to secure their swimming pools should set alarm bells install a pool safety. Pool alarms provide a final measure of protection against accidental drowningYou and your neighbors audible alerts when a child falls into the pool, the assurance that the child can be saved, before brain damage or death occur.

The Aquaguard Pool Alarm System offers a high level of protection and notification to the user during the remainder of the decorative aesthetics of your pool. Designed with a numbered keys to unauthorized disarmament, the Aquaguard Pool Alarm will notify you if a child falls into your pool to its dual functionintegrated siren and remote device with alarm, that alarm is louder than a car. This is the only swimming pool with a siren in the remote alarm fitted. Aquaguard Pool Alarm and remote unit integrates the adverts have low LED are that you know when the alarm is armed and alert you when batteries. Easy to use and affordable, pool alarm, this is the best choice for almost any pool or spa.

All safety precautions are importantYear

Regardless of where you live, or the shape and size of your pool, it is your responsibility as the owner of a pool to take all necessary precautions to prevent accidental drowning year. Children can fall into a pool any time of year. By simply investing time and money that is required for the necessary safety precautions, you can avoid tragedies and affirm that you enjoy and your neighbors alone.

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