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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fire alarms are economically necessary

In the early days of the American textile factories, fires were fought with a sprinkler system of perforated pipes. This system was not automated and had to be rotated by hand. To begin the period of civil war, people try to find better ways to protect factory workers from fire. In 1872, Philip W. Pratt patented the first automatic sprinkler system. It was better, but could be improved. Therefore, in 1874, came Henry S. Parmalee with a system that uses a practical, automaticSprinkler head and install it on his piano factory.

At this point in time, were the only people who install sprinkler systems for commercial interests. They discovered that by installing a sprinkler system, their insurance company they would be discounted. As they draw in a position to the cost of the system through these discounts, it made sense to have these experienced entrepreneurs one. In the 1940s, but this changed when building codes wereThe mandatory sprinkler systems written in other public buildings, including schools, hospitals and hotels.

Commercial Sprinkler systems save lives

Over the years, fire alarm systems have become compulsory in all public places, where more than 100 people and gather in all the buildings which can not be located with 75 feet of a fire station or fire plug. Commercial fire alarm systems are now mandatory for all of the country for schools , large churches, shopping --Shopping centers, hospitals, theaters, hotels and other large institutions. Facilities, the hall of hazardous materials are also required to have a fire alarm system.

It is the policy of most insurance companies, that if no fire system is installed, will be issued no insurance coverage. In this way, the insurance companies protect themselves from insurance risky ventures. The insurance company refuses to take responsibility for compensating the contractor for negligent property damage,Building damage and the loss of human life. Companies that need fire protection systems are now everywhere, where people can stay overnight, as motels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts.

The new ESFR sprinkler system is on the cutting edge of sprinkler technology. It is designed to keep fires, so include that they do not spread. Sprinklers are inevitable if they feel a certain amount of heat coming level. Then, only the sprinklers to go to receive the signals in order to fight the fire.Sprinklers that do not remain in the affected area off. In this way, the pressure of the water goes to the active head is getting bigger and uncompromising.

There are sprinkler systems available, specifically for the sensitive areas of a building that can not completely come into contact with water, if not in an emergency. These sprinkler systems are called "dry system". In these areas, if a fire alarm is triggered, the system examines a little to see if it really is aDemand for water. Through the use of smoke and heat detector technology, the sensors can make sure the water is really needed to come and destroy the critical points in the area before the sprinkler system is enabled.

Since our society, the destruction by fire has recognized and decided to take aggressive measures to combat them, many lives are saved. Thank God we have not killed the terrible fires Sweatshop hundreds of people. In fact, workplace deaths have declined almostnothing. What do you think Henry S. Parmalee would think if he could see us now?

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  1. Surely if a Commercial Fire Alarm system saves just one life, no matter what the cost is, then it is always economically viable. But I think Henry Parmalee would approve of the legislation now in place and the advances in fire suppression technology.