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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Access Control Security Systems

An access control system provides a high level of security in your homes and offices. An access control system considers areas from intruders and allows access only to authorized persons protected limited. An access control system also records the entrance time of the employee. Protects you and the people, documents and equipment ensures a particular institution.
An access control system is very functional in buildings with multiple entry points. Entries and exits through these doorsby the access control system controlled by various types of safety devices. The most common is the panel numbered buttons or a touch-sensitive screen that is connected to the lock and release system for door functions. A special PIN code is recorded by the employee and validates the access control system.

The second device by the access control system is employed, the magnetic stripe reader, which is also known as Swipe Card Reader. The employee is issued with amemory card, he or she prefer to disable the door will lock system. Often, the memory card also serves as his employee ID.
Access control systems with proximity readers and Long Range Readers. These sensors can detect a memory card without the need to steal. The former recognizes the card in a short distance of about 100 millimeters, while the latter is a card from a distance of about 1 meter sense. A fast, non-contact method of entry, these have been developedto compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.

The smart card reader allows the access control system to process additional information for other companies services. Time-ins and outs are recorded, for example. The Access Control system can also be connected with the company's payroll system, parking system, catering and vending services.

Finally, access control systems, the functions of the Biometric Fingerprint Reader to use specific features such as fingerPrints and eye scans for staff who identify a particular room access. This system is very accurate and avoids problems such as stolen or lost cards.
Identify visitors or non-employees with the access control system is made possible by three methods - a doorbell system that staff, an audio intercom system to entertain the visitors, with staff and an audio intercom system with camera which makes it possible to see alert messages to employees and identify visitors. Ifaccess, the door is unlocked by remote control and an accompanying adult is present to greet visitors and lead. Cards or tags will be issued for the proper identification.

In the design and installation to identify a highly effective access control system to care, the number of entrances and exits of the building, their locations, the level of security you need, the flow of people into the building, its procedures and processes, and future development plans . Another feature that youthen consider the integration of your access control with the fire alarm system of the building. Finally, purchase essential equipment only by organizations approved by NSI (NACOSS).

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