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Monday, February 1, 2010

Soup Lad's Revenge [Part 1 of 1]

Soup Lad is back from the future, to fight a battle he cannot win, in a world he doesn't fully understand, for the land he loves and to avenge his dead ninja parents, in the year 2984, in space? Written and Directed by Soup Lad Voiced by Soup Lad, kleptothecondor, commanderco0l Subpar audio/visual equipment provided and poorly operated by Carmine92 Incense and Peppermints-Strawberry Alarm Clock Knights of Cydonia-Muse Ninja Song-South Park Through The Fire and Flames-Dragonforce Special Thanks Soup Lad Carmine92 kleptothecondor C00l Beanz OBEYBUCK Loganistik commanderco0l Bungie Microsoft and all the people who died in starwars Indiana Jones 4 Batman The Dark Knight Iron Man The Chronicles of Narnia Resident Evil: Extinction Untitled JJ Abrams Project 30 Days of Night National Treasure: Book of Secrets Battle Angel The Brothers Solomon Avatar 10000 BC Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Beowulf Jurassic Park 4 The Forbidden Kingdom The Golden Compass I Am Legend Speed Racer The Incredible Hulk ford models fordmodels are all topics in no way related to this video. Nick made me add a link to his page, but I in no way endorse it: ca.youtube.com


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