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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Burglary rates rise

According to the FBI, burglaries rose by 1.3 percent compared in 2006 with 2005. Victims of property crimes lost more than 4 billion U.S. dollars in cash and property as a result of a burglary. Unfortunately, many of these burglaries happened to someone's home. The FBI estimates that every 15 seconds a new home in the United States burglarized.

Are together with burglary, home invasion robbery as well. These terrible crimes occur when someone forces their way into a home, whilesomeone is there. Victims of home invasion robberies have been raped, stabbed, beaten and shot, and many people were killed. In July 2007 a Connecticut doctor was severely beaten and his wife and two daughters were killed after two men forced their way into their home. These crimes undermine the belief that home is the place where we are safest. This false sense of security strengthens the belief that "it can not happen." Usually it is only after a homeowner has become a victim of a crimethat he or she decides to install a home security, system.

According to statistics, a house without a security system that is to be two to three times more frequently burglarized. However, many people do not know see the additional benefits of a home security system and much more of a buy and hold them off.

A home security system to protect your home in many ways:

• Most thieves will avoid a house that is a "Protected by" sign in the yard or in a window. Thieves do not want tocaught!

• If someone tries to break into your house during the day, the home alarm and security company that you immediately inform the police. Most thieves are executed when the alarm sounds again in fear that they will be caught.

• Often burglars will sleep in the night strikes as a family. These bold thieves often attack the family. When an alarm signal, and the police alerted the family that an intruder in the home.

• You can be assured, butMoney is no substitute for the loss of a beloved family heirloom taken in a burglary. Even a person is arrested for a burglary, the property is often not recovered.

Many families think that they can not afford a home security system, but some companies offer installation for as low as $ 99 Monthly monitoring fees can be as inexpensive as $ 25-small cost for peace of mind.

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