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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rent 101 - what can I add my rent?

The lease is that you are about to sign a legal agreement between you and the landlord or the landlord representative. This contract must act on the regulations in your country for the tenants landlord.

I heard it, all the animal is like my child. There is no doubt that we love our pets, but can and have done damage to the property. I know that no one aims to have the health damage property, but it happens, that's why you have to be honest. Ehrlichwith a pet, try to reach a compromise before signing the lease. Most landlords, it is either a flat with no animals, except under the protection of disability. Or the answer is yes, but there is an additional security deposit and / or monthly fee for the animal.

If you decide to be dishonest and think that the landlord never find out you are mistaken. It is a time when an emergency repair is necessary, come, come the landlord about this 60 pound labrador in the searchHouse. You will receive a ten-day deadline to comply with get (remove) the dog. If you do not comply, you can be removed. No matter how convincing goes to the owner from selling to stop. It violates one of the conditions for the rental. There it was in black and white and you have the wrong way to go about it. Now not only the eviction is on your record but you may lose your deposit. Also, additional money verdict if the landlord does not rent the apartment without the loss of a months rent plus the costRepair of damage. The evacuation will be on your credit report and all unpaid losses, unpaid rent, fees for lawyers, etc.

Frankly, it's a win-win situation. Use your negotiating skills can be developed somewhat normally.

If the same situation occurs and you have no rent. You are on a month to month tenant, you have still lost some of the rent due to the expulsion. It will affect your credit as well.

The moral is, if you honestly love to be your petso you can keep a roof over both of you over the head.

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