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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fire Alarm Devices note - Like them, Fire In Your Home

Today, all buildings are required to have some kind of fire protection system to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in case of fire. These fire protection systems must be able to detect a fire in the building before it spreads. This task is to fire alarm devices that are grouped in several parts of the building.

Fire alarm devices are devices designed to detect signs of fire found within the building. The Fire AlarmDevices, to tell the system to send an alarm if it detects at least two of the following signs of fire in the same situation:

* Presence of smoke

* Increased air temperature

* Significant amounts of carbon monoxide

These three characters of the fire are detected by three different fire detection devices. The smoke detector determines the presence of smoke in a room. The thermostat detector determines the changes in air temperature. Finally, the carbon --Carbon monoxide detector shall notify the system to the presence of poisonous gas.

If two of these signs are identified by the fire alarm equipment in the area in question must be examined immediately to confirm whether there really a fire. Then fire the correct protocols are followed in an orderly manner, with the help of fire extinguishers, evacuation of residents of the building, if necessary.

Other than being indicators of fire detectors in the building, fire alarmDevices are also used to monitor the performance status of many other components to the fire alarm system.

For example, there are two fire alarm devices within the sprinkler system, whose job it is to keep track of the installed capacity of the sprinkler system. These two fire alarm devices are the valve position switch, which shows whether the sprinkler valves open or closed, and the water flow switch, if there is enough water in the showsSprinkler system.

Fire alarm devices can also help to activate your fire protection system in case of failure of the automatic system. In the case of an actual fire, if anything goes wrong with the connections from the main control, fire alarm systems to activate devices such as the pull stations allow you to alarms and strobe lights to help the evacuation of the building is neat. These pull stations are usually near the exits of the building.

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