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Saturday, October 3, 2009

How Safe is Your Home?

When I think about my home security, my theory is "my home is my castle" I want my home to be like a castle in that castles were constructed to keep enemies out and that's what home security is all about. We want to take measures that will keep criminals from entering our house and stealing our property or harming our family. Today, we have amazing technology that enables us to protect our homes and families like never before.

The first step is for you to conduct a home security survey from home. Some police departments will send a specially trained police officers into a home security evaluation of lead from home. Call your local Police Department and see if they offer this service. If not, then you have to evaluate themselves and it is not easy to make.

Take a look at your house from the street outside your house and see if there are any bushes or trees that would be made a criminal a good hiding spot in the night. A bedroom window, what's behind a hiddenovergrown bushes or hedge would be a great place for a burglar in your house breaking. Criminals use neighborhoods to wander in search of apartments, which are easy prey. Reduce or prune any shrubs, trees or hedges that are overgrown in the vicinity of doors and windows.

Next, the exterior lighting want to check around your house. A burglar does not want to try, must be operated at night to break into the house, where each side of your house is lit with safety. You can useMotion activated lights or security floodlights that come in the dark. I may also use the landscape around the lights front and rear of my house, because it is an attractive opportunity to add additional lighting to your property. Make sure any type of lighting on all 4 sides of your property.

I truly believe that the security cameras are an awesome crime prevention tool for the average homeowner. Security camera systems are not expensive and can be installed easily by the owner. Iwould be a camera near my front door, garage, back door and walls of my house. The camera on the front door is ideal as your TV or computer can use as a safety monitor, and you can see who is knocking at the door before you open it. There are companies out there that will take your security video feed on the Internet, so that you can on your home while you're at work or on vacation.

Next you'll want to check your doors and to those who are old and weak to replace. Ispent 7 years on a tactical team and we had developed, often to the degradation of doors in the execution of search warrants and the newer doors are hard to break. A heavy bar is a must and it is not a bad idea to have 2 deadbolt on your doors. Imagine a criminal sneaking in the door with the intention to break the door and he saw that the door is heavy and 1-2 heavy duty locks. That is criminal will quickly move to another house, which it provides for easier access.

I do not knowmean to insult your intelligence, but you lock your doors when you are at home and when you are not home. You would not believe that the high number of households who had broken into the day and night because of an unlocked door is. Many rapes are committed when the rapist is a door unlocked. It was a well-known rape / murder case in California, where the rapist, murderer, would follow his female victims home from a local gym, and he would be entering their homes through unlocked doors. ThisMurdered rapist / murderer of several women before he was caught and he confessed that he walk right into the homes of women, after he'd followed them from the gym. Remember that your living room into a castle and you keep your castle, fortified by locking the doors.

While we are on the subject of the doors I want to be the subject of people knocking at your door made when you are at home. If you hear ringing or a knock at the door, the door, you must open the door without, however, thePeephole? Never open the door, without having to determine through the peephole or window to see who at your door. Many home invasion robberies and rapes are by criminals who knock on a door and just wait until the landlord is obliged to open it. Keep your peephole and if you do not recognize, not the person, you open the door. Doors with small windows are large, because the window and go talk to the person, without knocking the door. When I got home and Ihear someone knocking on my door I looked through the peephole and if I do not recognize the person I see the person until he / she walks away. I have recently connected a "no collection of" signs of my front door and it has cut down on attorneys.

I have a home alarm system and I can do the same. My home alarm system gives me peace when I sleep at night and when I'm away from my home. I worried all the windows and doors, and I have motion sensors that Isolve because of my playful cats. My system is higher, and I was pleased that it thinks a phone setup is that it works in the case of a criminal holds hs is smooth and cut the phone line has. My system has a backup battery in case I lose power. I live in Florida, where we have hurricanes and violent storms, and I lose power to my home several times a year. The backup battery is important because it is criminal, the areas in which there have been a power goalFailure.

Windows are important for obvious reasons. Criminals like a house by simply opening a window to enter the unlocked or broken glass of a locked window. If you have an alarm your windows are so concerned that your audible alarm will sound if someone breaks the glass. Do not sleep with your windows open and not always to leave your windows unlocked. If you start crawling exploration in cases of rape, you will find that many of these were criminal a unlockedWindow that allowed them to creep into the apartment of the victim. You've probably read about some high-profile child abduction murders where the suspect entered the house through an unlocked bedroom window. Stay safe at night and keep the windows shut and bolted.

Dogs make great home security precautions but get on when you are ready, important for the animal as a member of your family. In the last 19 + years I have had countless homes, where I've found, dogs tied to fences orTrees without food and water. I work closely with Animal Services, and we use dogs that we find in these conditions. I have no dog, because I know that I do not have the time to properly care for. When I examine a dog to my family, I would be a large number of small dogs, because of the barking assess skills. I want a small dog in my house like, while I was away so that he would / they bark when he / she tries to be someone in my house belongs. My neighbor has 4 small dogsWhich is no bigger than a rabbit, but they bark and seem crazy minutes they hear that I take the slightest noise in my backyard. If I am a big dog I would go with a German Shepard because they are so easily trained, and they are loyal to choose.

You must constantly evaluate possible security weaknesses at home, the criminal proceedings in your home. Home burglaries are extremely popular with criminals and home invasion robberies are on the rise. Spare no expense whenImproving the safety of your home because you do not put price tag on the safety of your family.

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